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Stolen Boy Scout trailer found by police

The trailer that was stolen. The trailer that was stolen.
GREENWOOD, IN (WTHR) - A stolen trailer belonging to local Boy Scouts has been found, but the troops is having a hard time getting it back.

The trailer, which belongs to Greenwood Troop 621, is currently in a police impound lot. It was found by IMPD officers earlier in the month after being stolen from a Johnson County parking lot just before Thanksgiving.

"It's been parked here for 20-plus years. That's where we discovered it was gone, too," said Assistant Scoutmaster James Castellano.

Castellano and other members of the troop thought that the trailer's discovery was good news. But getting their trailer back has been a struggle.

"Found out we couldn't go get the trailer, because the VIN number had been removed. We had to get a new VIN number," Castellano said. "Have to pay the impound fee, storage fee and then we have 10 days to get it out of there or it goes to city auction."

The Greenwood American Legion Post Commander was allowed to go in and take some pictures of the trailer and what is left of its camping contents, but that's it.

"The people at the wrecker service were pretty adamant that we only had 10 days to get it out of there," said Castellano.

Workers at Hanna's Wrecker Service had no comment when Eyewitness News asked about the VIN confusion or the letter threatening auction of the trailer.

Last week, some of the troop's scouts showed Eyewitness News the camping gear they had left that was not in the trailer when it was stolen. Now, they are hoping their camping trailer won't be auctioned off before they can get a new VIN assigned. They were unable to get anything done Monday, since the BMV is normally closed on Mondays.

"If they said, day of impound, that would be this Wednesday, would be one week, so end of this week is what we are looking at," Castellano said.

The Boy Scout motto is to always be prepared, but this may push that to the limit.

"Seems a little torturous to have to go through this much to get something back. This morning, we were told our trailer was arrested. It's an inanimate object that was taken from us. We just want it back," Castellano said.

Hopefully, he says, before this weekend.

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