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Child fighting late stage Cystic Fibrosis breaks record

Dalton Dingus (Source: WLEX) Dalton Dingus (Source: WLEX)

MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KY (WLEX) - A Magoffin County boy is breaking records while fighting for his life. Dalton Dingus is fighting cystic fibrosis, a lung disease, and the 9-year-old has also been trying to set a new Guinness World Record for receiving the most Christmas cards. He passed the record of 35,000 cards yesterday, but he wants to make the record untouchable.

"He wants to open all the boxes," says his mom, Jessica Dingus. "He wants to know how many cards he's got. He gets really excited."

Too many to fit in the house, piles of Christmas cards addressed to Dalton fill boxes on their front porch. Jessica reads the thousands and thousands of cards to her son. Dalton's favorite is a gingerbread man that dances and sings.

The drive started as a post on Facebook. Dalton was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was four and a half years old. A post on facebook said he wanted Christmas cards for Christmas this year. From there, it became a movement that is inspiring people around the world, from his home in Magoffin County, to as far as Australia and Guatemala. People everywhere are sending Dalton Christmas cards, something he and is family are so thankful for.

On Monday, Dalton received 6,000 cards in one day which took him to a little more than 37,000 cards and counting. More than enough to break the current record of 35,000.

"It's just amazing the outpouring of support everyone has shown. It really means a lot to him. It gives him something to look forward to every morning. He wants to know if the mail is here," says Jessica Dingus.

Dalton's Christmas cards earning him a place in the record books, but it's his courage and strength that is touching people the world over.

"He has inspired them to have a goal of their own. He's nine years old and he's sick, yet he still has a goal...and he's done it," says Jessica.

If you would like to help Dalton continue surpassing the record, you can mail a card to:

H.C. 62, Box 1249
Salyersville, KY 41465

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