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Toddler found wandering in street

The street where the child was found. The street where the child was found.

CYNTHIANA, KY (WAVE) - A toddler was found wandering the streets after police said her father left her and her sister home alone.

Neighbor Judy Fryman described what she saw Wednesday morning, "My friend saw the little girl across the street. She was crying with no shoes, no socks, she was cold so she took the girl inside and called the law."

Police said Timothy Bound returned shortly after they arrived at his Cynthiana home and found another young child sleeping inside.

They said he left his 2-year-old and 3-year-old daughters in the house in conditions they described as deplorable.

Bound is charged with wanton endangerment. His daughters were placed with child protective services.

Police said the child's mother is not in the picture.

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