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Christmas presents stolen during home break-in

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Robert Brown Robert Brown
The robber entered through the back door. The robber entered through the back door.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Less than two weeks before Christmas a father was shocked to come home and find his house had been ransacked and all his children's presents were gone.

It happened in the along Glendale Avenue near Shively. Robert Brown's back door window was busted and it didn't take long for those responsible to rummage through his home and get away.

"My living room, everything was thrown around in my living room," said Brown.

His says his 32 inch TV was gone along with his gun safe and gun. Needed prescription medications were emptied and they even got away with his spare set of car keys.

"I don't have money to get my door locks changed in my car, so I might go to sleep tonight and wake up in the morning and my car may be gone," said Brown.

Perhaps what's the most sickening is the fact that Brown says the thief ran off with his 8 and 5 year old's Christmas presents, some even were wrapped.

"I just bought those Monday a bike, telephone, and some other stuff for the kids," said Brown.

His holiday shopping wasn't complete. "I had $200 in my bedroom drawer that I was going to use to get more Christmas presents and that was gone," said Brown.

Talking with neighbors, Brown realized he wasn't alone. Two doors down, Kathy Baker came home to a similar scene last week.

"I noticed that my camera was missing, my computer was missing, and my ipod was missing," said Baker.

"Material stuff I don't care anything about, but just knowing that someone been in my house violating my personal space and then taking from my kids. I don't care about my stuff, but you took from my kids," said Brown.

Louisville Metro Fourth division officers are investigating. A couple people in the neighborhood are already getting together to help Brown with new Christmas presents for his kids.

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