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WAVE 3 Editorial – December 13, 2012: Feedback

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

You had plenty to say regarding our editorial concerns on the possibility that tax deductions for charity could be capped or eliminated. 

Sheila  responded: "Giving is for giving, not so you will receive something in return. "

Samantha agreed, saying "I donate to whoever needs help, not how much I will be able to deduct on my taxes."

Cassie countered with "This decision would be a decision of the worst kind.  Technically, this would be the same as literally taking money away from these charities.  It's sad, but true: people won't go above and beyond with their donations if they can't write it off."

Our editorial on the new Louisville Police Department policy authorizing police chases only when a violent felony is involved, not for traffic violations or drug dealing, brought this response from Amany: "I don't think it was wise to publicly announce this change because it just means criminals will know they can flee without being chased.  Jette  disagreed, saying "This is a good move by the LMPD Chief. Too many innocent lives have been lost and this will prevent further lost lives."

We appreciate and welcome all of your feedback.  

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