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Getting inside the mind of a child porn user


Since October, there have been six child pornography related arrests in the Tri-State, but the question is, what attracts these people and others to child pornography in the first place?

14 News spoke with therapists and counselors to learn about some of the reasons.

"The reasons could be varied," said Janet Messer.

Janet Messer is a master addictions counselor at Lighthouse Counseling Services.

She explains that some people start by looking at books, magazines, and videos before they want more.

"Then when that didn't satisfy any longer and they were desensitized to it, they forayed into child pornography as a way to increase the excitement or the challenge of the experience," said Messer. 

That's what 47-year-old John Smith, of Corydon, told police when he was charged with more than five thousand child pornography counts.

Messer points out that an attraction to child pornography is similar to other behaviors.

"Pornography can be addictive, just like any other substance abuse, gambling, shopping. It can be an addictive behavior, because it's always available," said Messer. 

The fact that most of these crimes take place on the internet is another attraction factor.

"It also provides anonymity. No one knows you're doing it unless you get caught," said Messer. 

Other staff members say parents can help take steps to protect their children.

"Know your kids' passwords to e-mail, Facebook, cell phones," said Lauren Adams, Lighthouse Counseling Services. 

In her experience, small things can make a big difference.

"Just being involved and present and letting your kids know that you're involved and present," said Adams. 

Messer says that whether or not the attraction is broken relies mainly on one factor.

"It depends on the person and their choice," said Messer. 

Messer says that even though problems like this aren't curable, they are controllable with treatment.

Out of those six child pornography arrests that have taken place since October, four of the suspects were Owensboro residents: Zack Wathen, Sarah Cox, Daniel Scott Neal, and Nicholas Williams. 

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