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Angel Tree Distribution begins

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Angel Tree 2012 came to a conclusion on Friday as distribution of donated gifts began to go out to those in need.

The Salvation Army Headquarters served as the distribution point for the over 12,000 angels that were adopted this season on both sides of the river. Loren Hill, Director of the Angel Tree, was very pleased with this year's program. She was most impressed with the outpouring of volunteers.

"I think it's gone wonderful, we've had so many people step up and help us out," said Hill. "Volunteers have really come together and I know we had a big cry for help last week and we had a lot of people answer that call."

First time volunteer Valerie Carpenter was overjoyed to help.

"I'm just overjoyed, it gives you goose bumps! It really does, especially, when you get the things to the people and they start (clapping) cause they got something they didn't expect."

The Kroger Company was again a participating partner helping to gather food angels. This year the company presented the Salvation Army with a check for over $256,000 in food angels.

Usher Transport continued a fifteen year tradition by donating toys to the Angel Tree. On Friday a truck pulled up to the distribution center loaded with nearly 3,000 toys including stacks of bikes for the children.

The distribution of Angel Tree gifts will continue daily, except for Sundays, through December 20th at the Salvation Headquarters at 911 S. Brook Street. Hours of distribution are 9am to 5pm daily.




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