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Kentuckiana schools review safety practices after Sandy Hook shooting

A forum was held for Oldham County Schools on Monday. A forum was held for Oldham County Schools on Monday.

OLDHAM COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – Schools all across the country can't help but revisit safety practices after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.

On Monday night, Oldham County schools held a forum and invited parents to discuss and share their ideas to make sure the schools are doing everything in its power to keep students safe.

A handful of parents joined administrators and law enforcement to continue a conversation. Many came with the same thought, could what happened in Newtown, CT, happen here? Oldham County Assistant Superintendent Dan Orman says the reality is, it could.

"It does reaffirm what we are doing in the area of mental health," said Orman. "We have full time mental health consultants, full time school resource officers."

The school system has taken necessary steps in the last ten years to make an intruder situation as preventable as possible. "We are always open to new ideas," said Orman.

Denise Kirk is a substitute teacher and mother of two. At Monday's meeting she suggested an silent alarm system, set aside only for school shootings.

"For instance if an intruder comes in through the front office and he starts shooting, nobody can just call," said Kirk.

In Franklin County, similar to what Kirk suggested is about to become reality. The new system is called "An Active Shooter Switch". There will be several easy access emergency buttons inside the school that will notify police of an active situation without calling 911.

Oldham County schools are planning three more safety forums.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 18- 9:30 a.m. at North Oldham High School
  • Tuesday, Dec. 18- 1:30 p.m. at East Oldham Middle School
  • Tuesday, Dec. 18- 6:00 p.m. at South Oldham High School

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