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Increased security at PRP High School

Linda Tillman Linda Tillman

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A call from a parent whose student heard talk of a gun being brought to school  caused security to be increased at a Jefferson County Public School.

Pleasure Ridge Park High School reported a 25 percent drop in attendance Tuesday.

According to Ben Jackey, a spokesperson for the Jefferson County Public Schools, a parent called Monday night reporting talk among students that a gun was going to be brought to the school Tuesday.

Police and K-9 dogs searched in and around the school all day, but found no signs of any weapons.

Students were interviewed, but officials were unable to find who behind the rumor since it had spread through so many people.

Jackey said they have no evidence to believe the threat is legitimate and said JCPS is working to narrow down the source of the apparently erroneous information.

Despite Jefferson County Public School officials asking parents to keep their children in school and not stop their education for the day, many parents with the Connecticut shootings on their minds rushed to pick up their students.

Linda Tillman, an aunt of one of the students explained the scene in the school, "There was so many children there that was scared they didn't know what to do people were just going every which way. There's 30 people waiting in one room to get their children, plus in the hallway and in the office."

Several Louisville Metro Police officers were on the grounds of the school. Jackey said JCPS is trying to show parents there is a safe learning environment at PRP. He also said they understand the concern, but stressed the school is on normal operations and it is important for students to return to a normal routine today.

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