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Student detained after social media threat

CLARK COUNTY, IN (WAVE) - A Jeffersonville High School student has been detained concerning an investigation into threats spread on social media.

Greater Clark County Schools and Jeffersonville police held a press conference at 4:45 p.m. Tuesday.

The student detained is a 15-year-old male. He faces felony charges of intimidation and terroristic deception after an alleged violent Facebook threat.

Police would not elaborate on what type of violence the threat included.

"It's very nerve racking. I think everybody is just on pins and needles," said parent Stephanie Boseker.

Parents and just about anyone involved with a school are on edge these days after Friday's tragic events in Connecticut and now the new threats that seem to continue to come to light.

"Last week, Jeffersonville High School and the resource officer at the high school began receiving information on unsubstantiated rumor of possible violence at the school on 12-21," said Det. Todd Hollis.

Officers were able to identify and detain the 15-year-old male student Tuesday morning before school started.

"The student had no intent or means to act violently, but he did inappropriately communicate a threat using social media," said Greater Clark County Schools Superintendent Dr. Andrew Melin.

Administrators have had several meetings over the past few days to address and update security plans going forward and that includes changes to when even parents come to school.

"You will need to notify your child's school if you plan to visit the school during the day and you may be asked to show your identification," Dr. Melin said.

More cameras will be installed throughout school buildings and classroom doors will now remain locked while class is in session.

Parents Boseker hope it'll make sure her child is safe when she sends him off to a school.

"You just give them an extra little hug and kiss and say have fun and I'll see you after school and that's what you hope," she said.

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