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Schools experience threats and lock downs all across Kentuckiana

Students were evacuated in Meade County. Students were evacuated in Meade County.
Rumors at PRP prompted police to search the school. Rumors at PRP prompted police to search the school.

BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – Schools across Kentuckiana had their share of threats, scares and lock downs on Tuesday.

While all threats are taken seriously, school administrators are hoping parents will sit down and talk to their children about the consequences behind such serious threats.

Meade County High School students were forced to evacuate after a custodian found a note in a restroom warning of bomb. Fortunately, hours later the all clear was given.

After Friday's mass school shooting in Connecticut, parents, students, teachers, and administrators can't help but be on edge.

School officials know all threats have to be looked into. "We have to take them seriously which takes a great deal of time, which is a good investment of time because we want to make sure we are safe, but it certainly is difficult," said Keith Davis, Bullitt County Public Schools Superintendent.

Davis says on Monday, a student brought pieces of a toy gun on a school bus prompting serious consequences and that's not all they've had to deal with lately.

"A person who made an idle threat on Facebook last week before any of this happened went to jail, a student who made a threat, yesterday, I think, is in jail, three of our students who said things or did something semi threatening and they ended up in jail for it," said Davis.

There were tense moments at PRP High School on Tuesday after students heard rumors one of their classmates brought a gun to school. Police and K-9 dogs searched in and around school all day, but found no weapons.

"Talk to your kids before they say or especially write anything, even jokingly, that anybody could take as a threat because it is taken seriously," said Davis.

Davis says it's important to pay attention to your child's Internet activity. He suggests you should be their friend on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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