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Man accused of murder speaks out

Paul Estes Paul Estes

DANVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend's mother admitted some guilt, but not the crime of murder.

Tuesday, the Paul Estes who has been in custody for three in a half years said, "I am truly sorry that it happened and that's all I can really say or do. I know know that ain't much."

Estes, 39, of Danville, is accused of killing Debora Brooks, 43, in 2009 by suffocating her as she slept.

Estes said her death was a crime he witnessed and even took part in to a certain point, but claims it was Brook's own daughter, Megan, who carried out the murder after he shoved a pillow over her mother's face.

"I would go for attempted murder, but I didn't kill her, it's unfair for me to get a life sentence. She gets 17 years on a non violent crime and could get out in 3 years."

Estes claims he was on drugs and that Megan Brooks wanted insurance money.

He is speaking out because while he awaites trial for murder, Megan Brook Is already serving a lighter sentence after a copping a plea for 2nd degree manslaughter.

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