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Jeffersonville Mayor addresses incident at his office

Mayor Mike Moore Mayor Mike Moore

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore's personal life has now trailed over to his public office.

The police were called to the Mayor's office after a confrontation with his estranged wife. The Mayor said it's sad that he had to address the issue, but he understands that it comes with the territory of being a public figure and because it happened on city property.

The Mayor addressed the media on Wednesday. He said his wife Vicki came to his office to talk about some airline reward points and during the conversation he said his wife became argumentative.

"She did not want to leave the office," said Moore. "As I stood up to try and walk out to get some assistance. She threw a few punches and a few kicks."

The Mayor said he tried to move his wife and that's when two baseball bats that were hanging on the wall came down. He said Vicki then grabbed a picture from the wall and smashed it against the door frame/wall, cutting her thumb. Moore said Vicki wiped her bloody hand on his shirt and left the building.

Jeffersonville police said Vicki told officers that both she and Mike did some pushing and hitting.

"While I do regret what happened, I'm thankful that my wife is not seriously injured," said Moore. "She is the mother of my three beautiful children."

Moore said he and Vicki have been married for 20 years and have no history of violence.

After rumors of Mayor Moore having an affair, we asked him if that had anything to do with Tuesday's incident.

"It's a sad day in Jeffersonville that I have to address gossip and rumors by people who are upset from the November election that don't like me in mayor's seat," said Moore.

WAVE 3 made several attempts to contact Vicki Moore, but were unsuccessful. As for the mayor's office, any damage costs will come out of his own pocket. The mayor has asked that no charges be brought against his wife.

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