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Police deal with rash of car break-ins, suspect caught on camera

Det. Tony Ford Det. Tony Ford
Surveillance photo (Source: St. Matthews Police) Surveillance photo (Source: St. Matthews Police)
Police said several break-ins are happening at hospitals. Police said several break-ins are happening at hospitals.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Tis the season for car break-ins and one police department is dealing with a lot of them.

St. Matthews Police have their hands full this holiday season responding to car break-ins over and over again.

"We're riding the parking lots and being as vigilant as we can, but we can't wait everything," said Detective Tony Ford, St Matthews Police.

The latest rash is happening in the parking lots and garages of the hospitals. Surveillance video captured inside the Baptist Hospital East parking garage shows a suspect in an orange hooded sweat shirt looking inside several cars.

Police say once he notices a purse, he waits awhile before he smashes the window, grabs it and takes off.

Police believe this man is responsible for at least three of the recent break-ins.

"When these guys walk, generally they walk through a parking lot and they glance into the windows of the cars, so if they glance and they don't see anything that catches their eye quickly, they won't go back to that vehicle," said Ford.

This is another reminder of how important it is to hide your holiday purchases, your purses, and any electronics.

"I just lock my doors," said Lee Sexton, shopper. "If it is something major, a big item, then I'll try to cover it, but I don't do that much, I just lock my doors mostly."

Detective Ford urges all shoppers to take that extra 30 seconds to put your belongings in the trunk or cover them up so they aren't visible.

"The closer we get to Christmas, the more packages and gifts people will take out and put in their cars and they're visible, thieves are waiting on them," said Ford.

Police believe the suspect drives a white Oldsmobile Alero. If you have information that could help police you are asked to give them a call at 502-893-9000.

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