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"SoFo" district hopes to revitalize downtown

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - SoFo. Get used to it. That's what new retailers revitalizing downtown want to call their neighborhood. It stands for South 4th Street and applies to the area between the Seelbach and Brown hotels.

What started as a hobby making chocolates for their child's birthday party has turned into an effort by Forest and Kelly Ramsey to take over the bourbon ball market. "We're trying to be Kentucky's premiere bourbon chocolatier," said Forest. Art Eatables has been open on South 4th Street for about a month and a half.

The Ramsey's say their product is different from the others because when you eat their bourbon balls, the Maker's Mark really tastes like Maker's. The Jim Beam really tastes like Beam. They say you can identify the brand of bourbon in the chocolate. 

Art Eatables is one of six new shops from clothing to jewelry to art that are "uniquely Louisville stores," according to Mayor Greg Fischer and making a home in the SoFo District. "All we're trying to do is go back to the roots of what the city were where South 4th Street was the hustling bustling business center of the community."

It's been tried before, but this time with 60,000 people working downtown and nearly 5 million visiting 4th Street Live! a year everyone involved is confident it'll last. "The numbers clearly show that retail and be successful downtown."

The Ramsey's said the location is ideal for their business plan. "We're trying to extend our reach outside the city and by being here with the hotels and events that happens."

All the new businesses should be moved in by the spring. Louisville Downtown Development Corporation says they are talking to at least six more who may also move in.

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