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WAVE 3 Editorial - December 20, 2012: Resolutions

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

It's the season for resolutions. A few our region should collectively make is to move out of the bottom 10 of unhealthiest states and move into the top 10 of best performing students in public education.

It will take a collective community resolve in Indiana and Kentucky to make lifestyle changes that would lead to healthier choices but if we do it budget concerns would lessen since it would curb the continuous rise in health care costs.

For substantive and sustaining improvement in moving both Indiana and Kentucky into the upper echelon of public education a collective community resolve is critical.  Parents, students, teachers, administrators and the business sector all need to step up in a bigger way.

The two resolutions are intertwined since if we do one the other will be easier and vice-versa.

Unhealthy behavior and preventable illnesses endanger the quality of life in our region.

So does lack of focus on education.

There are many positive resolutions we can make for 2013 but if these two top the list for the majority of us, 2014 and beyond hold great promise for us.

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