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Strangers united by tragedy hope for justice after two brutal beatings

Mickel Kimbley Mickel Kimbley
Ray Brewer Ray Brewer
Shawn Grady Shawn Grady
Darrell Bryan (Source: LMDC) Darrell Bryan (Source: LMDC)
The two men met on Thursday. The two men met on Thursday.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Weeks after a 26-year-old is beaten to death in Louisville, a veteran is assaulted across the river. Investigators believe the same man is responsible.

Darrell Bryan was already in the Floyd County Jail facing aggravated battery charges when Louisville Metro Police realized that was the man they were looking for.

In an emotional meeting on Thursday, strangers came together with a common goal.

If you ask either Shawn Grady or Ray Brewer, they would tell you this is not how they would have wanted to meet. But these two men were brought together literally by the hands of another and police say those hands belong to Darrell Bryan.

"This will be the first Christmas without my son," said Grady.

On October 13, Grady's son, Mickel Kimbley, was found unrecognizable. He was beaten so badly and left for dead in Portland.

He died days later and at this time there were still no arrests.

On November 3rd inside his New Albany apartment, Brewer says he was awakened suddenly by someone screaming outside.

"I was half awake and stupidly, rather than calling police because he was shouting over the phone to someone, but I went outside and I used a term, I used to use in the military and he immediately attacked me," said Brewer.

Brewer says he was punched over and over again in his head and at one point passed out.

"I think he probably thought he had killed me and then when I came to, I crawled back into my apartment and called the cops," said Brewer.

He was able to give New Albany Police a description of the man who attacked him and later that night officers arrested Darrell Bryan.

It wouldn't take long for Louisville Metro Police to make the connection. "Hopefully once he was arrested immediately after my assault that, that led to the connection with Mickel's murder, I would go through it again just to make sure this guy was picked up," said Brewer.

Brewer says he knew he wanted to meet Kimbley's family, not sure what he could offer, but just to let them know he was on their side.

"You've really uplifted my heart, my family's heart, and again I say thank you and my heart goes out to you," said Grady.

Bryan remains in the Floyd County Jail, but next month is expected in court in Louisville.

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