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Last minute shoppers may go back for Super Saturday

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's called Super Saturday and it's predicted to be the busiest shopping day of the year, even beating out Black Friday sales!

Friday night, last minute holiday shoppers tried to get in front of all the madness.

Retailers are pulling out all the stops.

Many stores like Toys R' Us and Macy's are open around the clock this weekend.

Thousands of last minute Kentuckiana shoppers who forced themselves out on the Friday night before Christmas, probably enjoyed holiday music on the radio - that's because they spent a lot of time in the car sitting in traffic or looking for that coveted parking spot.

We asked Hardin County shopper Barry Jaggers what the biggest problem of the night was for him. "The traffic, " he replied, "It was congested."

Morgann Jaggers said she wished they had done their shopping well before the weekend before Christmas.

Inside Oxmoor Center, shoppers waited in long lines for good reason.

Many stores offered deep discounts, others unlimited weekend hours. Macy's is open until midnight Sunday and re-opening Monday for Christmas Eve shoppers.

Brian Osborn said, "The parking was a little crazy." His wife Sara added, "We thought we would go ahead and get it (the shopping done) before the weekend rush."

At Mall St. Matthews, stores like JC Penney racked up big sales with more procrastinators second guessing their decision.

"We thought we might find a good deal," laughed shopper Bridget Taylor over her decision to come out to the crowded malls.

Then again, who are we kidding? Several WAVE 3 employees were in the mall when we were, doing the same thing.

WAVE 3 Internet Content Director Joey Brown said of the parking, "It's not fun because I circled and circled and circled for five minutes and finally found something," he joked, "Then I stalked people and I saw people walking to their cars and then zoomed in and got it (the spot).

When we bumped into WAVE Weekend Sports Anchor Kendrick Haskins he said of his last minute shopping," I just started," he laughed, "Because that's how I like to roll, right up until the last minute."

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