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Tips for hassle free holiday returns

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Now that all those gifts are unwrapped it's time to figure out what you're going to keep and what you're going to take back. And there are some thing you need to know to make those Christmas returns as hassle free as possible.

First, do your research before you head back to the store to make your return or you might end up wasting a trip. The National Retail Federation estimates around 60 billion dollars worth of stuff will be returned this holiday season. And with return fraud approaching three billion in 2012 according to NRF, many stores are tightening the rules on refunds and exchanges.

So be sure you like something before you open the box because returning opened items can be more difficult, especially without a receipt. Opened boxes can also lead to restocking fees especially for electronics.Those re-stocking fees can cost you up to 15% of the purchase price.

Always try to bring a receipt. More and more stores are refusing refunds without them. If you never got a receipt but know what store it came from, call and see if you can get store credit.

And regardless of what kind of return it is always bring your ID. Many big chains require ID in an attempt to protect against return fraud.

Also remember that if your gift is defective, you've got a lot more wiggle room with these rules. The Better Business Bureau says regardless of a stores policy, if something you got something that just plain doesn't work the store is obligated to exchange it or at the very least make repairs.

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