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Airport looks to lower ticket prices

Louisville Regional Airport Louisville Regional Airport

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Many people would agree, they would like to see big savings when booking plane tickets.

The Louisville Regional Airport Authority said lower ticket prices are one of its goals as well.

The airport took some time Thursday to evaluate where it is as it closes 2012 and looks ahead to next year.

Airport Authority CEO Skip Miller said Louisville International actually gained in the number of seats leaving the airport last year, a big victory when you look at other airports in our region.

Miller said he would like the trend to continue, "We want to make sure we keep our seat count up and increase it where we can. We're looking at a couple of key routes that we're looking to help develop some interest in -- primarily the south Florida and up through the northeast corridor, we'd love to get Boston service in for instance."

He said the airport made some big progress in 2012 with its planned expansion of "Taxiway Alpha" and its plan to move part of Crittenden Drive.

The Metro and State Government set aside $11 million for that project last year.

The State has already committed $17 million in the year to come.

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