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House catches fire twice in less than 48 hours

The house caught fire twice. The house caught fire twice.
The families two dogs have been missing since the fire. The families two dogs have been missing since the fire.
Katie Bauer spoke with the family on Thursday. Katie Bauer spoke with the family on Thursday.
Remains of the house. Remains of the house.

CARROLL COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – A single mother is left with nothing after her home caught fire twice just two days apart. Kentucky State Police have taken over this investigation.

The first fire was believed to be electrical, but local fire officials say the second one clearly points to arson.

What's now just snow covered rubble, use to stand the house Diana Anderson and her two teenage sons called home.

They were not at their Carroll County home a week and a half ago when the first fire broke out. Anderson's sister Keneta May traveled from Virginia to help out.

"There was stuff that could have been recovered and kept, pictures, photos, but then the second fire took it all, there's nothing left now," said May.

Anderson has rented her house for more than a year and fortunately she did have renters insurance.

Westside Fire Chief Clyde Rowlett says the landlord and Anderson were back at the house two days after the first fire to see if anything could be saved. Not long after, Rowlett says crews were called back to the scene because the house was up in flames again. Rowlett believes some kind of accelerant was used.

"My personal opinion is whoever did this didn't get it the first time so they came back and made sure that they did. She's a well loved individual," said May. "She doesn't have an enemy in the world, you know, I'm in shock myself."

The family was able to save very little after the first blaze ripped through and two dogs have been missing ever since.

"School is fixing to start right up around the first weekend of January and times are really hard right now," said Amber Horton, victim's sister.

Even during this hard time, they are sticking together to make sure they help their sister get back on her feet.

"At a time like this, that's the most important thing is the fact that you have family that love each other as much as we do," said May.

No arrests have been made in this case. Kentucky State Police continue to investigate and have made no official ruling on either of these fires.

If you have any information about the missing dogs, a female golden Pekingese that is 8 years old and a larger hound dog, or if you would like to help the family you can call May at 502-525-1440.

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