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Man loses family heirloom at Sky Harbor Airport

Martin Chichester Martin Chichester
Sketch of the missing ring. Sketch of the missing ring.

There are few places busier than airports during the holidays. With thousands of people coming and going, it is easy to misplace things. Unfortunately, for one Phoenix man, a family heirloom is now gone.

"Thursday evening I went to Sky Harbor terminal two," recalled Martin Chichester.

Chichester was picking up his son and granddaughter and had missed a turn, ending up in the taxi lane.

"As I put the bags in the trunk, I pulled my hand out. I heard the sound of something hitting the back of the car and then hitting the ground. It was metallic. But it didn't dawn on me at the time," explained Chichester.

The next morning, Chichester realized his father's 100-year-old ring was missing, and he remembered that clinking sound.

"I was hoping that it would show up eventually, and then I started to realize where I lost it.  I could still hear the clinging of metal on the ground. So it's been kind of difficult," said Chichester, between tears.

The ring has been a part of his family's life for years. It is in pictures and was his father's only possession handed down to him after he died.

"It's my dad's ring and even during the (Great) Depression he had the ring, and he didn't lose it then," recalled Chichester.

"Before he died, he gave it to me to give to my children. It's just something that you can't get it back and it's not about the ring. It's the significance of passing it to the next generation, and it's something that I can't do," he said.

Chichester said he's a realist and knows the ring likely won't be found. However, he's hoping it is so he can continue on the tradition of passing it on to his children.

The ring has a larger center diamond and two smaller ones. It is gold with some inscriptions on it. If you happen to find it, contact the Lost and Found at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

Chichester is offering a reward.

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