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State road crews wait for temps to dip, then apply more salt

Snow crews cleared the roads. Snow crews cleared the roads.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - State snow plows made a final pass Saturday afternoon before preparing for re-freezing.

More than 60 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet trucks could be called in if state personnel determine there's a need as temperatures dip and snowmelt seeps into lanes. "They're on call anytime we need them," said Tom Wright, District 5 Branch Manager. "If the temperatures are going to drop down, say in the 20s, we'll put calcium chloride on the salt before we apply it."

During Saturday's early morning hours, crews focused on snow removal. However, Wright said drivers will concentrate on salt application during the evening and overnight time frame. "Most of the lanes are just wet. We're working on plowing back our shoulders on each side. So we can be sure when it starts to melt, that it doesn't run back out in the roadway and freeze again," Wright said.

Crews already brined area interstates - an application that includes salt, water and a liquid compound. Wright said state drivers and contractors will apply salt this weekend unless more snow in the forecast changes the state's strategy.

Unlike previous years, state and local entities have plenty of salt. There's more than 12,000 tons readily available at KYTC's Middletown garage.

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