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Clerk shot during robbery expected to be okay

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - The search is on for the man who shot a store clerk during a robbery.

Despite being shot three times during an attempted robbery at Red Carpet Liquors at 8th Street and Crestview Court, police said the clerk should be okay.

The store was quiet on Sunday, as expected. It's always closed the first day of the week. Come Monday, however, Barbara Dunn says she's not going back. "I'm no longer going to work there. I feel like my safety is better not working there."

Dunn had just gotten home from work Saturday night when the phone rang. "My sister calls from the work phone and says we just got robbed." Already scared for her sister, Dunn came right back to the store to find out it was worse than she thought.

Her sister had been stocking the shelves. "She heard some guys voice saying give me all your money. She immediately dropped to the ground. she dropped to the ground said she was crawling up or how she was trying to get up to the register."

Before she could get closer, Dunn's sister told her the robber shot her co-worker who was behind the counter three times. He was rushed to the hospital and survived surgery.

Police said the man who did it was dressed in all black, with his face covered, but do know he was tall, six feet or more with a thin to medium build and a light complexion.

For that man, Dunn has a message turn yourself in. "You hurt somebody's family member. you could have hurt my family member.

If you have any information about who the shooter could be you're asked to call the Jeffersonville Police anonymous tip line (812) 281-TIPS.

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