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Evansville group sees efforts of 26 acts of kindness

Shortly after the shooting at Sandy Hook, NBC's Ann Curry urged people to do 26 acts of kindness.

On Monday, the Evansville Rescue Mission saw a big act of kindness.

An anonymous donor bought 26 pizzas for the shelter. It was the perfect act of kindness because the kitchen gas has been turned off until the rescue mission moves into their new building.

"We are in our transition stage of moving, and we really have no way of cooking hot food, so getting them pizzas like this really helps. We can keep them in our warmer and serve 'em out. Everybody gets a hot meal when we get tired of cold sandwiches, and it really helps out," kitchen supervisor, Mark Skinner said. 

This is just one example of the many acts of kindness that have spread after Curry reached out to the nation following the tragic shooting.

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