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State has spike in gun permits

SCOTT COUNTY, IN (WAVE) – There is a large spike in Indiana residents asking for concealed carry permits, according to the Scott County Sheriff.

In the past three weeks, Sheriff Dan McClain said requests have gone from eight a day to 20 a day.

McClain suspects many people want to prepare in case gun laws chance and several residents are applying for lifetime permits.

He also said he believes the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school shooting scared people into wanting the permits, "Scott County hasn't had any issues with hand guns violence of any kind. We have a lot people out there that enjoy shooting and we have responsible folks haven't seen an increase in any violence due to that."

The Sheriff said there has been an increase in women coming in wanting guns.

Everyone getting a permit is finger printed to make sure they don't have any warrants or felonies.

For more information on the permits, click here.

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