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Kindergartner suspended for making a gun gesture

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SILVER SPRING, MD (WAVE) A family in Maryland is outraged after they says their six-year-old was suspended after making a shooting motion.

The incident happened just days after the Connecticut School Shootings at Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring. School officials say the kindergartner threatened another student by making a hand-gesture mimicking a gun. The school suspended the child for a day, and entered the incident in the boy's permanent school record. His family is appealing the decision.

"It is on his permanent record that he threatened to shoot a student," says Family Attorney Robin Ficker. "5 years from now someone's going to look at that and this is a bad kid, he's been branded, he's been thrown under the bus."

The school district won't talk about individual disciplinary matters, but a spokesman said the decision was "not a knee-jerk reaction to a single incident."

Other parents question the severity of decision.

"Nowadays with everything going on it's something very scary, says Carmen Long. "But at the same time I think that was a little too harsh for a 6-year-old."

"I know they feel like they have to do something," says grandparent Douglas Black. "but I'm saying 6-year-olds? That's a little much for a six year old."

The boy's family wants his school record cleared and may ask for him to be sent to a different school.

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