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Groups protest Senator McConnell

Groups gather on Thursday. Groups gather on Thursday.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell came under attack from groups in the Bluegrass over his role as a key negotiator in the fiscal cliff talks in Washington.

Leaders from local organizations and unions gathered in front of the Gene Snyder Courthouse on Thursday and discussed the findings of a new public campaign action fund report that links McConnell's quote, "Unprecedented strategy of obstruction in the U.S. Senate," and his campaign donations from corporations benefiting from such gridlock.

McConnell is rejecting charges he and others in congress were the ones who pushed the economy to the brink of the fiscal cliff to begin with.

Senator McConnell's office released a statement Thursday saying;

"The fact that this shameless hack-job is peddled on the same week Sen. McConnell is credited by Republicans and Democrats alike for saving the country from falling off the fiscal cliff shows how partisan and out of touch the authors of this garbage really are. The thesis of the shoddy work could be proven false in less than 10 minutes by an intern with an iPhone."

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