Site gives unwanted items a second chance for charity

The website helps provide unwanted items to organizations who need them.
The website helps provide unwanted items to organizations who need them.
Susan Spaulding
Susan Spaulding

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - You can find about everything online. There is a new virtual warehouse here in Kentuckiana just waiting to be filled to the brim with not only goods, but good feelings.

Susan Spaulding already has a fulltime job. She is a stay at home mom of four children ages 10, 9, 8 and 4. Along with that great responsibility of being a mom, her new mission is to care for the world or at least Kentuckiana.

Spaulding excitedly explained, "When I have an idea and I think it will work, I just go with it.  As a community, we can do better. We can do more to make ourselves aware as individuals about what's going on around us."

As a mom of four, Spaulding is use to being hyper-aware. Her keen sense of attention may have played a part in her discovery of the site and now start up of It was an article that caught her attention during a moment of multi-tasking in the carpool line to pick up her kids.

"I was reading an article in family circle magazine back in March of 2012," Spaulding laughed as she thinks back to the moment. She read about a woman named Della Rae who started a community website in Portland, Oregon called Rae began the Portland website back in 2007. Since its inception, non-profit agencies in Portland have received more 142,000 donated items.

Louisville has been called the most compassionate city in the world by Mayor Greg Fischer.  Spaulding wanted the city to have a website to help aid the city's caring spirit and actions. She called Rae to ask for permission and help to start the website here in Louisville. As they say, the rest is history.

Spaulding explained the website has never been in any other city. "She picked us and I was thrilled to be the test city. The expansion city," she proudly stated.

Spaulding is ready to put Kentuckian's compassion to the test. The website searches and identifies items that are needed by Kentuckiana charities and allows users or donors to post items they would like to donate.

"People are kind hearted. They want to give. They just don't know who needs what they have," she said just a little softer.

Tara Oliver from Louisville's Cedar Lake Lodge explained, "Every non-profit needs items but every non-profit serves different individuals and it's important to know who we serve and what we do on a day to day basis."

Oliver signed up Cedar Lake Lodge to be part of the site. She gives more than her sweat and time to the residents of the loving home for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her heart is right in the middle of it too, "I have a brother who is serviced at Cedar Lake. It's just been one of the most wonderful things that have happened in his life. It gives my parents peace of mind," she explained with passion.

Not only does need donors, but at the present time they have only fifty organizations or more signed up. This website can be the answer to so many needs, prayers and questions about each and every qualified non-profit working for those in need in our neighborhoods.

Spaulding stresses to those charities, "For the non-profit members of the community, we can collectively come together to make a much greater impact to serve our individual mission than on our own."

The fee is free for both charity and donor to post an item or to sign in up as an organization. Even if you think it is the craziest item in the world, post it first on the website please before you pitch it out. They would also like for businesses to do the same.  Don't pitch your computers, old desk or paper you no longer want you can post it to the site by clicking here.

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