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Neighbors claim sewer project is causing floods, damage

GOSHEN, KY (WAVE) - A Goshen woman says a county sewer project is causing her home to flood and she's not the only one complaining of problems. But now a judge's ruling makes the fight to get someone to take responsibility, even more of a challenge.

"I don't know how anyone could look at the facts, and say that they are not guilty," said Shelly Slagel.

Slagel sued the Oldham County Environmental Authority for flooding problems that she blames on an OCEA sewer line replacement project on her street.

Slagel said her home has flooded six times in the months since that project was finished, costing her thousands of dollars in repairs and damaged property. In a letter responding to the accusations, OCEA denied responsibility citing a ruling from an Oldham County Judge Karen Conrad that dismissed Slagel's lawsuit against the county.

"The Authority forwarded (the complaint) to Cleary Construction, Inc. and asked that it immediately investigate Ms. Slagel's allegations and address her claims," OCEA chairman Horace Harrod wrote.

Now, attorney's for the lead contractor, Cleary Construction, says the company is investigating.

"To date no determination has been made as to the actual cause of the water intrusion into Ms. Slagel's home," wrote attorney Drew Byron Medows on behalf of Cleary Construction. "An investigation into this situation is ongoing, and additional specialists will be retained  in the near future in an attempt to identify the cause of the problem Ms. Slagel is experiencing."

Three of Slagel's neighbors who now say they've also had flooding problems that started after the OCEA sewer project. They all believe the flooding is a result of street grading done by the crews that directed water runoff from the other side of the street right to their homes.

The Kentucky Department of Insurance can investigate disputes with insurance companies who deny claims for damages homeowners think they are responsible for. Slagel has now filed a complaint, so the Kentucky Department of Insurance can launch an investigation.

"I would never treat somebody like that," said a frustrated Slagel. "If I did something wrong I would go and fix it. I would make it right."

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