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Business owner speaks out about being hit twice by serial robbers

Troy Gaines Junior and Shaundrell Robinson (Source: LMDC) Troy Gaines Junior and Shaundrell Robinson (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Business owners say they are rejoicing over the arrest of two people early Saturday morning.

"We almost threw a party over it," Super Stop Food Mart owner Ed Dana said about the arrest of two people suspected in nearly two dozen armed robberies in Kentuckiana since late November.

"Those guys were coming in fast and aggressive and you sensed hostility in their eyes," Dana said. He says his business was hit twice by the two men.

Early Saturday morning, LMPD arrested Troy Gaines Junior, 22, and Shaundrell Robinson, 33, after an officer caught them in the act of hitting another business.

Their motive?  "Life in the fast lane. Substance abuse. Strip clubs. Just deciding not to go to work everyday. They said that just fueled everyday that when they needed money, partying and substance abuse was a catalyst," said LMPD Sgt. Eric Black.

Dana's business was hit by the two on December 5 and he says things escalated when they struck again on the 14.

"December 5th a guy walks in with a gun, acting very aggressive and holding the gun sideways just like you see in the movies. He robbed us. Came in and cleaned out the register and then he came back on the 14th, same group and same way although was more aggressive and pointing guns at customers," Dana said.

The Super Stop Food Mart owner has installed an additional 16 cameras to make sure every vantage point is covered should this happen again. He's hoping the arrest will also give he and his employees peace of mind.

"Financially it definitely impacted me and the fact that a deadly weapon was used, it's made my employees uncomfortable and they don't want to come back to work," Dana said.

Dana has owned the business since 1996 and lost $2,000 in the robberies. He says it's been his worst month ever for crime, and it's made him give up time with his family to keep his store and employees safe. It's also caused him to carry a weapon for the first time.

"Back here watching the cameras all night you just don't know what to do. Do I shoot if he comes in? Do I wait," he said.

The owner says he's considering allowing his employees to carry weapons while on the job.

Gaines and Robinson are charged with nearly two dozen robberies in the Louisville area. They're also believed to be responsible for similar crimes in Jeffersonville and Clarksville, Indiana as well as Radcliff, Kentucky.

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