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New leadership has plans for Kentucky General Assembly

Senator Robert Stivers Senator Robert Stivers

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - There's a changing of power when it comes to the people who decide Kentucky's laws. A new General Assembly convenes Tuesday with a new Senate President.

Former Senate President David Williams kept the position for 12 years. On Tuesday, Senator Robert Stivers will take hold of the gavel. Before the session starts, he's already making deals across the aisle.

"I feel like this was a good statement to make in my first public act." The act is Senate Bill 1 that would allow Kentucky's military to vote via email.

The Republican is working with Democrat Secretary of State Allison Grimes to write it. Stivers said it's an example of how Kentucky's Senate will run now. "It is to have a style that is my own that is a little more low key than what others have remembered in the past."

Legislation just as important as changes to the way military votes is pension reform. Public leaders argue the state is spending too much on retirement. "I think it's well known it's a 30 plus million problem over the course of time." Stivers said another Senator will sponsor a bill this session because the longer they wait to fix the problem the worse it gets.

Implementing Medicade is also on the list. Stivers said he would also consider right to work though, "we are realistic in that it's probably something that cannot be passed."

He said gambling isn't on the radar either. "People have said they're for it or against it, but no one has defined what it is."

He said he expects disagreements on the Senate floor, but says they can do it without being disagreeable.

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