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Sheriff's office confirms dogs, cats poisoned

Boyd Boyd

LOGAN COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - The Logan County Sheriff's office has confirmed several cases of dogs and cats being poisoned in the county.

Eddie Turner had his dog for 10 years. When he came home from work last Thursday, he said his dog, Boyd, was fine, but when he came out to check on him later that night something was wrong.

He took him to the vet where he continued to get worse and later died. Turner explained, "I asked if this could have been an accidental act or if it was intentional and she said with the levels that were in his blood system they didn't think that this was an accidental act. She went on to say that there had been at least three other instances that she knew of recently."

The Sheriff said there has been at least seven cat poisonings and even more dog poisonings.

The vet confirmed Boyd did die from antifreeze poisoning.

The sheriff's office has also seen instances of rat poisoning.

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