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Residents, mayor defending city after 'dangerous' ranking

Downtown Jeffersonville. Downtown Jeffersonville.

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Downtown Jeffersonville is about as quiet and idyllic as it gets, a little slice of Americana, unless you ask neighborhood scouts.

The website,, just named Jeffersonville in its "100 Most Dangerous Cities" list. The site list the city at number 88, more dangerous than much bigger cities like Toledo, Ohio and Miami Beach.

Jeffersonville resident Sharon Speedy said, "Very hard to believe cause I haven't seen anybody and I really haven't heard anyone that I've worked with that have had any problems either."

Mayor Mike Moore agrees, "I'll be honest with you, when I saw that too, I was like, 'wait a minute.' There's something here that's not right."

Moore says in fact, neighborhood scouts isn't looking at the whole picture. He said comparing his smaller city with ones that have larger populations throws the numbers out of proportion.

"Louisville is made up of several different zip codes. If you went to a crime-ridden area in Louisville and you compared it to the zip code of Jeffersonville, you would see there is no comparison," he explained.

He also says the violent crime numbers are from 2011 and in the last year, crime in every category in has drastically dropped.

The site used data on the number of violent crimes reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the population of each city to make the list.

Other cities on the list include Chicago at 79, Cincinnati at 77, Indianapolis at 60 and east Saint Louis at number one.

To see the full list of cities, click here.

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