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Public workers rally over pensions

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FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - Some state workers want to make sure their voices are heard as Kentucky starts trying to reform the pension system.

Current public workers, such as like teachers, law enforcement and road workers, rallied at the State Capitol Thursday.

They are calling on State lawmakers to fully fund the public pension system that pays for retirement for tens of thousands of people.

Currently, that system is under funded by $33 million.

Local Union President for the Sheriff's Deputies Tim Pike said he could have retired last year, but he's forced to keep working because of the uncertainty, "I've been on the sheriff's department for 21 years. At this point, the way they're trying to change things, I won't be able to retire until I can draw social security."

The public employees at the rally said they are worried changes will put disability and survivor benefits, healthcare costs, and cost of living adjustments at risk.

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