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Police believe Highlands burglar is fake cop

Kathy Fehder Kathy Fehder
Several items were recovered. Several items were recovered.
Brandon Cheatham (Source: LMDC) Brandon Cheatham (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The search is on for a man police say was pretending to be one of them.

WAVE 3 News first reported the crime of a police impersonator pulling people over in the Highlands months ago.  Thursday investigators said they believe the fake cop they have been looking for is also one of three people involved in some 20 home burglaries.

"I came home with the kids and they asked, why is the front door open?"asked Kathy Fehder, a Highlands neighbor who clearly remembers the day she became a burglary victim.

Fehder is one of some 20 homeowners from the Highlands to Indian Hills burglarized in the past few months.  Fehder said, "It made me feel sick to think that there was someone in my house, maybe just before we got home."

Fehder and her husband are among the homeowners who were called to Louisville Metro's Fifth Police Division to look through a stash of stolen goods. From electronics to watches and jewelry, some $50,000 worth, it all came from a familiar home on 19th Street in Portland. The same place where David McGuffin and Jennifer Cheatham were arrested this week for taking thousands of dollars of equipment from North Oldham High School.

Investigators say the duo was working with experience on the home burglaries - Jennifer Cheatham's cousin, Brandon Cheatham, spent time behind bars for similar crimes.

But police say he wasn't smart enough for some savvy homeowners who got photos of a getaway truck and green van and identified the two men.

"One of the neighbors had a pretty elaborate home security system and they were actually able to get a very good quality high definition photo of this van, " said Fifth Division Detective Sergeant Jamey Schwab.

In an odd twist, police also tagged Brandon Cheatham as the man we told you about several months ago, a fake cop pulling people over on Grinstead Drive. The say the imposter stole a woman's debit card and her cash at a nearby ATM.

"It's another piece of the puzzle," Schwab said, "The surveillance video from the ATM and then linking him with the green van."

As for Fehder, her jewelry handed down from generation to generation wasn't in the stash.  It was either sold or taken by other thieves, but she still has hope. She said, "I was really surprised at what the police found yesterday, so anything is possible."

If you've been a burglary victim in the last two months and want to look through the stolen goods, contact the detective working your burglary case or the 5th Police Division.

A warrant has been issued for Brandon Cheatham's arrest.  If you know where he is call the police tip-line at (502) 574- LMPD.

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