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Bullying find new platform at middle school

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - Parents said bullying has escalated to a new level and a new platform at one Kentucky middle school.

The bullying is so brutal, the Sheriff is stepping in.

The popular photo sharing site, Instagram, has taken on a new role at Elkhorn Middle School in Franklin County.

Some students are apparently using it as a means to attack fellow classmates.

An Instagram account called "Frankfort Diss Page" was created with the purpose of attacking a group seven students. Some posts received up to 50 comments each.

Allegedly the content was so inappropriate, Sheriff Pat Melton contacted Instagram to request the page be taken down immediately.

Melton said, "People have hurt themselves over this and we see that every couple months. someone has taken their own life for whatever reason."

Instagram complied with Melton's request. He said whoever is responsible for the page could face charges ranging from harassment to stalking.

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