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Western KY neighborhood guys hold suspects at gunpoint until officers show up

A high speed chase ended in western Kentucky with three arrests and one of the suspects who bailed out in Hanson took what turned out to be a wrong turn on Ray Lane.

Kentucky State Police PIO Corey King says a trooper clocked a 2003 Mazda M6 going 78 in a 55 mile an hour zone Wednesday in Henderson.

The driver refused to stop and a chase ensued, heading south on the Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway for miles.

"During that course of the pursuit, the operator of that vehicle was traveling somewhere around 120 mph, passing people on the emergency strip around semis doing some very dangerous driving habits," King said.

Troopers from Madisonville Post Two joined in at this point, laying out stinger strips, which destroyed one of the vehicles' front tires.

King says the car traveled three more miles before the occupants finally bailed from the car there, near the Hanson exit and split.

Now, how they decided where to run next we may never know, but we bet at least one of them wishes he hadn't ended up on Ray Lane.

Hanson, Kentucky, by most measures, is a quiet little town. Dark, at night, except for the street lights.

But last night, red and blue lights of numerous squad cars drew neighbors Brandon Marsh, Travis Marsh, Kenneth Smith, and others, out of their homes.

'We were standing out here from all the commotion that was happening out here with the police looking for these guys," Brandon recalled. 

"We went looking because we protect each other in the neighborhood," noted Kenneth. 

The three say, all of a sudden, a man rounded the corner and headed down the street. They shouted to him but say, he didn't respond.

"My first instinct, I knew it was one of them from the description police had given, and they was like, asking him questions," Kenneth said. 

"He started, I guess, walking faster, that's when we sped up," Travis told 14 News. 

"So, we ordered him at gunpoint onto the ground and held him there until officers showed up," Brandon said. 

"They held him right here and they are so courageous for what they did," said Kenneth. "I'm real proud of the community."

Authorities arrived a short time later and arrested Clifford Searcy there on Ray Lane. A few hours later, the other two men who ran from the scene were located at a hotel in Madisonville and arrested.

They are Vince Lyle and Christopher Walker.

All three are from Clarksville and are facing numerous felony charges.

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