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Roofing company rehabs image after Troubleshooter report

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The owner of a business flooded with complaints for poor roofing work has rehabbed its image, according to its owner.

Tim Cooley, owner and operator of The Roof Doctor in Louisville, said he has made good with angry customers and the Louisville Better Business Bureau.

In August 2011, Anita Stephens said if the Roof Doctor was a real doctor, she would sue him for malpractice.

"I just get livid," Stephens said of the leak in her living room ceiling that has doubled in size over the past couple months. "I look at that every night and every day and it just upsets me."

Stephens is angry over a leak that was supposed to be fixed months earlier. She said Tim Cooley, the Roof Doctor, made his diagnosis without ever entering the home or inspecting the attic. Stephens said Cooley charged her $525 to replace lose shingles reseal the flashing.

"The leak didn't go away," said Stephens. "It leaked again."

The contract Stephens signed guaranteed the Roof Doctor's work for one year. But after a single failed return trip to fix the leak, Stephens said Cooley ignored her pleas to come back and finish the job. Sisters Arlene and Brenda White told the exact same story.

"We kept calling him, kept calling him," said Arlene White, but told us Cooley always put her off.

"The workers will get in touch with you first of next week, first of next week," Arlene White said Cooley told her. "It was like always first of next week."

They paid the Roof Doctor $375 to fix a small leak over a bathroom sink back in March. The leak never stopped and now has damaged a section of ceiling, part of the wall and carpet. Brenda White said the worst part was watching it get worse.

The water stains were as ugly as the record the Roof Doctor has with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB gave The Roof Doctor an "F" rating for 22 complaints including the women we spoke with.

But times, and The Roof Doctor's record, have changed.

The company now has an A- rating with the BBB, after issuing refunds to Stephens and White.

Cooley said he also reviewed and resolved other complaints with the BBB, is some cases repairing jobs that were out of warranty.

"Looking ahead to the future we are extremely optimistic and are more determined than ever to giving our existing and future customers the highest level of service and customer satisfaction that we can provide," Cooley said in an email.

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