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Husband charged with murdering wife confesses

Dale Bagshaw (Source: Clark County Jail) Dale Bagshaw (Source: Clark County Jail)
Kelly Bagshaw (Source: Family photo) Kelly Bagshaw (Source: Family photo)

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Does he remember killing his estranged wife? The attorney for the Jeffersonville man on trial says evidence shows he doesn't.

Monday, jurors watched a two and a half hour recorded interview between Dale Bagshaw and the police after he was arrested for stabbing her 57 times before she died.

In his own words, Dale Bagshaw tells jurors what both the prosecution and defense agree he did to his estranged wife Kelly on November 13, 2011. "He admits to killing his wife. He admits he got angry at her and stabbed her," said Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull about the police interview.

In it, Bagshaw claims not to remember the actual stabbing. He said in the days leading up to Kelly Bagshaw coming to his apartment to pick up their kids, he had been doing everything he could to make her happy, including closing his popular car lot to spend more time with her.
On that day in 2011, he said he found out from their 6 year-old daughter that Kelly Bagshaw was starting a relationship with another man. When he went to her car to discuss it, the two start to fight over a cell phone when she gets a call. Dale Bagshaw told police the next thing he knew she was on the ground in a pool of blood and he was calling 911. An autopsy shows he stabbed her 57 times.

"We really believe it was premeditated," said Kelly's close family friend Margaret Gaines. "He come downstairs to her. He didn't bring the kids this was not manslaughter this was murder. What kind of message would we send to the community if he got anything less than murder?"
Bagshaw's attorney Perry McCall said Dale Bagshaw was mentally ill and killed Kelly in a sudden heat, which is manslaughter, not murder. He said the hour of the video where Dale Bagshaw is sitting alone at the interview table helps prove that he didn't mean to do it. "What have I done, what have I done with your head down," McCall said described Bagshaw in the video. "[He's] thinking about, contemplation if I don't remember it thinking with head down what has happened during this time."

At the end of the tape police tell Bagshaw Kelly died, but you don't hear any reaction. Her friends and family say that against shows no remorse and is enough to get him convicted of murder.

Bagshaw is facing 65 years in prison if convicted of murder.

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