Flu fears spreading across Kentuckiana

LOUISVILLE KY (WAVE) - Flu fears are spreading as cases of the flu spread across the nation.

In Kentucky, the flu outbreak has been considered widespread for five weeks, much earlier than normal.

Clinics and doctor's offices are seeing a spike in flu shot requests.

Indiana has reported 21 flu-related deaths and one death has been reported in northern Kentucky.

Some churches are amending policies to help prevent the flu from spreading.

Monday, doctors confirmed 40 new cases of flu in nearby Lexington and Kentucky hospitals are seeing more and more possible cases every day.

University of Kentucky Director for Infection Prevention Kim Blanton explained,"We currently have anywhere from 30 to 50 patients coming to our emergency department daily with flu-like illnesses, so we are trying not to mimic what is going on in our neighboring states."

Hospitals in Kentucky and Indiana are taking steps to avoid becoming overwhelmed by flu cases. Some are limiting who can visit patients.

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