Cynthia Masters

Cynthia Masters, Owner of DBS Interactive
Cynthia Masters, Owner of DBS Interactive

I grew up in the Midwest and had a complicated childhood. It included foster homes and an adoptive family. And while I'm pleased to say that my life now includes relationships with foster, adoptive and birth family members, it makes for a very complicated adulthood, too!

My interest in business goes back to the year I was nine. I established a house cleaning and lawn mowing service. I was very proud of the independence and maturity that gave me. I was never crazy about school and did not finish college, but I think of that year as the true beginning of my entrepreneurial career. Later in life, I would recognize that what thrilled me then was the opportunity and challenge in creating a company from the ground up. I would take that lesson into my future.

As an adult, I have started 4 or 5 different businesses. In retrospect, I can see that with each new business, I not only added to my understanding of the business world and business relationships but learned most of what I knew about life and people. Starting up DBS Interactive was another journey into new territory and one that I credit with saving my life.

In 1998, while recovering from a life threatening accident, I filled the time I suddenly had too much of with the internet. I began to realize that the web was a gateway to a new world of marketing, quantifiable, highly targeted marketing. I could see that this would change the business world as we knew it and change it quickly. DBS Interactive was born out of that belief and the exciting possibilities I could envision in the future.

With $1,700.00 to my name and my willingness to learn yet another set of business skills, I started again. Even though I was on disability at the time and had been encouraged to think of myself as disabled and behave accordingly, I rebelled. The Traumatic Brain Injury Trust provided me with an assistant. With her help I relearned how to pay bills, keep a calendar and organize my life. My memory is still far from perfect, but I was unwilling to let such a little thing stop me.

Today, with the help of a few talented, trusted individuals who share my vision, DBS is the second-largest web-only agency in the region. We believe in helping our clients grow and prosper by using all the tools the internet provides by keeping up with each new innovation, quickly identifying and mastering the new skills that continue to increase our value to our clients.

Along the way, we continue to discover and encourage new businesses, assist non-profits and work to be an integral part of the Louisville community. Our client list continues to grow, including local, national, and international companies. In 2013, among other things, I'm planning on writing a book, tentatively titled: From Worst to First as a Boss. It's been such an adventure, I have to share it.