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Car crashes into house

Gercole Dale Gercole Dale
Kim Gossett Kim Gossett
The damage done to the Gossett home. The damage done to the Gossett home.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It was a loud and dramatic morning in the Buechel neighborhood. Icy roads led to a hit and run car crash on Bradford Drive. 

Gercole Dale was in the crash. She tells WAVE 3 a white car ran into her car, forcing her up into a person's yard and crashing into the railing.

"A white car was coming towards me, I could tell he couldn't see me because he was looking down, and he hit the back side of my car and spun me out," said Dale. "He made me go out in her yard hit her car, hit her rail, and then he kept going."

Kim Gossett was sitting in her home when she heard the crash.

"I heard her car hit my car and then I saw her slide and hit the steps and I thought I better get up and make sure everyone is ok," said Gossett.

There were no injuries. The case has been turned over to their insurance companies.

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