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Both sides rest their case in Jeffersonville murder trial

Dale Bagshaw being escorted on Tuesday. Dale Bagshaw being escorted on Tuesday.
Kelly Bagshaw (Source: Family photo) Kelly Bagshaw (Source: Family photo)

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Both sides have rested their cases in the trial of a Jeffersonville man who police say stabbed his estranged wife to death, but the court still has witnesses to call. 

Two psychologists will take the stand in the case against Dale Bagshaw. Defense attorney Perry McCall argued Bagshaw was mentally ill when he stabbed Kelly Bagshaw 57 times before she died. Because of that, Indiana law requires him to be interviewed by unbiased doctors.

Kelly Bagshaw died when her jugular vein in her neck was cut in half on November 13, 2011. McCall said Dale snapped when he stabbed her. "His mental state was not normal prior to because of all these external factors and then this added stimulus this added thing that caused him to do this."

McCall said part of that stimulus is the multiple text message arguments Dale and Kelly Bagshaw had in the weeks leading up to her death. They were also read for the jury on Tuesday. In the messages, Kelly told Dale she was done with the relationship, wanted a divorce and asked him to only contact her about their children. He repeatedly told her he wanted to keep the family together, that she was ruining it and needed to come home.

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull says that's not enough to get a manslaughter conviction, like the defense is asking of the jury because there must be enough provocation that a normal person can't control themselves. "In this case, it's evident he got in the car and murdered her."

While the defense's psychologist saId Dale Bagshaw had a mental disease at the time he killed Kelly Bagshaw, the experts called in by the court only say he was depressed.

Closing arguments are expected Wednesday. Bagshaw is facing up to 65 years in prison.

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