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Man arrested for four South Louisville robberies

Deshawn Payne (Source: LMDC) Deshawn Payne (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) - A man with a gun and a plan to rob local stores may have gotten a bit too brazen.  Louisville Metro police say they caught him all because he didn't care who saw what he was doing.

Police say Deshawn Payne was a repeat "customer" at several stores and it ultimately led to him getting caught on video and then getting caught. Detectives say the 34-year-old had a serious drug problem, one that got so bad, they say, that Payne, despite his distinctive haircut, didn't bother to conceal his identity when he robbed three local stores, one of them twice.

"The desperation that people have when they're driven by drug addiction will cause them to do things that's unreasonable," said LMPD Robbery Unit Sergeant Eric Black, "And maybe not cover up and do a better job of concealing their identity."

Black says it started in early October with an armed robbery at the Walgreens on 3rd street.

A surveillance camera captured a picture of the holdup six days later at a Speedway in the Iroquois neighborhood. Police say Payne was back there about a month later. Still they didn't know who the man in the pictures was.

"Prior to that, we didn't know who was responsible," Black said. "We didn't really have any one suspect prior to that."

Then Sergeant Black says Payne used a gun to rob the CVS in South Louisville and was caught on video camera.

Police released it to us. Employees of a local store saw it on the news and recognized their repeat customer.

"Then two days later, he back and used the phone and that's when we called police and they caught him right here," said a store employee.

The employees are a little nervous and they don't want their store identified or for you to see their faces but they're glad Payne is behind bars.

"The fact that he was there for armed robbery really had us freaked out because of how often he had been in here and we were scared that next time he came in, he would try to pull the same stunt here," the employee said.

All three stores that were robbed were in the same neighborhood.  Police say Payne lived within walking distance of all three.

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