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30 LMPD officers to help out at presidential inauguration

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A team of Louisville Metro Police officers will hit the road Saturday, heading to Washington, D.C. to be part of the security team for the inauguration. LMPD had about 100 officers who wanted to be part of the inauguration detail. About a third of them were chosen to get a front-row seat to history.

If you want to learn about presidential politics, you could read about it in a book or you could talk to LMPD Lieutenant Gary Burman.

"I've met seven presidents," he said. "I've met Obama three times. I've actually had a one on one dinner with him -- when he was senator, not president."

It's Burman's third inauguration he's worked. LMPD sergeants Jamey Schwab and Robert Brann aren't far behind.

"I went four years ago," Schwab said.

"I was there for George W. Bush," Brann said.

Any police officer who's worked an inauguration day will tell you it's not glamorous.

"Four years ago the temperature was in the mid teens," Schwab said. "The wind was blowing much the entire day and we were out there until roughly eight or nine o'clock at night."

"We've never gotten lucky with the weather," Burman said. "This will be my 3rd one and it's always been just very cold."

"We woke up parade day about 2 a.m.," Schwab said. "We had to actually to be on the buses around 3 a.m., somewhere in there and they delivered us on a street corner in D.C. between four and 4:30, somewhere like that."

But getting a front-row seat to history is hard to pass up.

"Four years ago, right when the President was getting out of his vehicle is where we were," said Schwab.

Brann added, "we're representing the leader of the free country, making sure he's protected and nothing happens."

LMPD has a special inaugural badge that all officers on the department can purchase. They'll be able to wear them for the next 90 days before they'll put them away and hang on to them as collectors items.

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