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Falling temperatures concern drivers, emergency crews

Doug Finlay Doug Finlay
Cars were covered Tuesday night. Cars were covered Tuesday night.
Nic Horein Nic Horein

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Even officials were surprised by the winter storm baring down on the region after a warm temperatures in the 60s the previous weekend.  

As the sleet fell and accumulated, it almost looked like snow, but this is even more dangerous and difficult to treat.

Doug Finlay with Hardin County Emergency Management explained, "Ice is tricky it's a little bit different than snow. There's not much we can do on ice other than go slow and really don't go at all if you don't have to."

For vehicles that had recently been parked the precipitation covering them looked just rain, however to vehicles parked for a while and overnight you can see the ice accumulate on them. Some vehicles were even covered in a solid sheet of ice.

Drivers, such as Nic Horein, said the main roads in Hardin County were slushy, but drivable, "It's a little bit intermittent it hasn't been too bad. More wet than sticky."

But it was the falling temperatures that had everyone's comfort level falling."It is going to freeze at least I believe it will with the twenties and low thirties and I would say with the back roads in Shepherdsville and surrounding counties it could be pretty rough," said Horein.

The falling temperatures also caused concern for electricity.

Finlay explained, "A quarter of an inch to a half an inch of ice on utility lines, that's a lot of weight."

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