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Caught in the middle: Delivery driver responsible for wreck on the job

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The wreck happened in Crescent Hill. The wreck happened in Crescent Hill.
The Hinsons The Hinsons

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There's a loophole in insurance coverage in Kentucky that could leave thousands of people unknowingly driving uninsured each day. A Louisville family found out about it the hard way but they're sharing their story to warn others.

When you meet the Hinsons, you can't help but like them.

Erin and Nathan have been married for more than four years. They have a 2-year-old, Oliver, with another on the way.

"We're pregnant with our second child, another little boy, whose name is Henry," said Erin.

They're handling curve balls that most of us can't even dream of dealing with grace.

Erin said they found out they were pregnant in July. "It was about 18 weeks later that the doctors started to indicate that there was some problems with the pregnancy," she said, "And then we waited two more weeks and that's when we got the diagnosis of spina bifida."

The Hinsons will meet Henry in six weeks.

He'll need immediate surgery on his spine and probable long-term care.

"At the end of the day, Henry's going to be a baby, just like any other baby," Erin said. "He's going to wake up at 3 a.m. And want to be fed and  he is going to have some difficulties. There are going to be some things that we don't know and things we won't know until he's Oliver's age or older."

What the Hinsons do know is that it's going to cost money. So, in anticipation of Henry's arrival, Nathan got a part-time job at the Papa John's on Brownsboro Road in Clifton, delivering pizza for extra cash.

On January 6, Nathan realized his side job came with huge risks when he was involved in a crash at Frankfort and Kennedy avenues in crescent hill.

"So I pulled out and by the time I pulled out, I realized, ok there's a car coming but it was too late to do anything about it," Nathan said.

He admits the wreck was his fault and just like almost anybody would in his situation, he called his insurance company.

He said the agent said, "I've got some information here that I need you to either confirm or deny. Were you using your car for a business at the time?"

That's when Erin and Nathan found out they're caught in the middle. Their insurance company doesn't cover them because Nathan was using the car for business deliveries. Papa John's doesn't cover its delivery drivers because it requires drivers to have insurance.

"The moment that he would put a pizza in his car to deliver it, he was an uninsured driver," Erin said.

The Kentucky Department of Insurance says the Hinsons are not alone. Many personal auto insurance companies don't want to take the risk of insuring drivers while they're working. If they do, it will cost additional money. A few companies may add coverage for their drivers.  Many do not.

The Department of Insurance says there's really no good advice for people in the Hinsons position.

"It affects every driver out there on the road because - it's funny - I was driving home tonight and every pizza delivery driver I saw on the road, I was like, 'Oh, there's an uninsured driver,' because that's what they are," said Erin.

Erin and Nathan are trying right now to figure out how to afford the extra five thousand dollars it will cost them to fix their car. They say there's no question how they'll afford their new baby.

"We decided to be Henry's parents the day we started trying and he's ours, whatever may come," Erin said. "We will fight for him, we will love him and most importantly we will pray over him."

We reached out to a spokeswoman for Papa John's who confirmed it is the company's policy to require drivers to have their own insurance and says it's up to the employee to make sure they're covered despite the job. Late Thursday, she also said she's working with the Hinson family to get them assistance through a company emergency relief fund.  We'll keep checking on what happens.

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