Homeowner nabs burglar, holds him at gunpoint

Brandon Barnett
Brandon Barnett
His ex wife was staying in the storage shed.
His ex wife was staying in the storage shed.
Mike Dreyer
Mike Dreyer

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A Jeffersonville homeowner took the upper-hand over a burglar early Tuesday morning, holding him at gunpoint until police arrived.

It happened at a home on Reba Jackson Drive.

Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said Brandon Barnett and another man were apparently on a crime spree Tuesday morning, breaking into cars and also stealing lawn equipment and tools from homes.

This time, investigators say, they tried to break into the wrong shed.

"It was a scary situation," said homeowner Mike Dreyer. That's a unexpected and strange scare for Dreyer when he got a call at 4:30 in the morning from inside his shed in the backyard.

The call was from Dreyer's ex-wife.

She had asked to crash at his home for a few days and was actually sleeping inside his storage shed that he made into a home office.

"She started hearing pounding on her door and a flashlight being run up and down the door crack," Mull explained, "And somebody was obviously trying to force entry through that door."

Mull says Brandon Barnett and another man never figured someone with a cell phone would be inside that storage shed.

After getting the call, Dreyer came outside and fired a shot in the air, then pointed his gun at Barnett who hit the ground.

"I'm standing there with the gun and the other one (second burglar) went the other way," Dreyer said, adding, that Barnett begged him not to shoot.

Dreyer says the second man jumped the fence, shined a flashlight in his eyes and threatened to shoot him if he didn't move the gun off of his buddy.

"I was thinking that the one guy was going to come back over the fence that was threatening to shoot so, that's when I ducked back into the door and I got down on one knee," Dreyer explained.  He says he then backed into his doorway, "The gun was still sticking out and I'm just sitting there, steadily holding him."

Dreyer's ex-wife got out safely as his fiance inside the house called police.

Prosecutors say Barnett is facing seven charges from his night of crime including burglary and theft.

Christal Crady, a friend who's known Barnett for two years, couldn't believe what he was accused of.

"It's a very big shock to his family, " she said, "Everyone of them said the same thing, why? Because nobody knows why."

Police are actively searching for the second suspect.

Mull said most of the stolen items were recovered.

He says, Burglars should be aware it's getting dangerous to commit a crime as many more homeowners are now armed.

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