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WAVE 3 Editorial – January 17, 2013: Feedback and Follow Ups

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Requiring a universal background check for anyone trying to buy a gun and prohibiting sales of military-style assault weapons makes sense. The President's push for both is timely and needed.

Your feedback on our "Fighting Crime" editorial ran the gamut:

Brian offered: "Banning assault weapon and large magazine style weapons may not make a huge impact in overall violent crimes. But it would help curb mass killings. I would assume it is hard to murder a mass number of people with a knife at one location, within two minutes."

Barbara wrote: "You know as much as everyone else that the people wouldn't be killing others if they just pointed at them!  Guns give cowards and weak people a sense of power. They give the paranoid a sense of courage. They give the impulsive a murder record."

Katrina wrote: "Invest in the children in the high crime areas by giving them love, good role models, and something to do to keep them busy. Most importantly teach them the value of working hard to get what you want rather than taking it from others."

Kip added: "Keep the repeat offenders off the street instead of practicing revolving door justice."

We appreciate all of your feedback.

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